Trailer impressions – Vanquish

The latest game by Shinji Mikami, of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fame, is called Vanquish. Vanquish is a futuristic 3rd-person shooter set in a destroyed San Francisco. The game is still under development but the latest trailer just dropped so I’m here to tell you all about it.'s not Master Chief.

(Unfortunately the embedding for the video is not working and has the exclusive trailer, so go HERE to watch it)

From what I can gather from the trailer, the Russians have used some sort of huge anime-style space laser to take out San Francisco and all the little balloon holding children that dwell in it. Of course it’s your job, being the armor clad gun-junkie that you are, to single-handedly take out the entire opposing army and save the world.

The trailer opens with the quintessential badass general giving his pre-shoot-stuff speech which of course is terribly voice-acted and poorly written (it is a Japanese game after all, “G’s over there.”). However once the action gets going Vanquish really struts its stuff.

"Juuuuust gonna take a peak *PIP PIP PIP Dead*"

The combat looks to be cover-based but frantic none the less. Your suit is able to boost you around the map and it looks as if you have context-specific moves that can be executed when in certain situations. The weapons seem varied and abundant with everything from assault rifles to handheld blue mortar explosive death bringers (that’s the name for the weapon I’m pretty sure).

The huge set pieces have obviously been influenced by many different famous Japanese and American media icons. There is some bullet time in there, shadow of the colossus and the most obvious influence for one boss fight is Macross Plus.

The one downside is that this game will not support multiplayer but Mikami has blown our minds before with single player heaven, so no big deal.

Vanquish looks like it’s going to rock some socks. I can’t wait to play this one!

In case you missed the first live-action trailer, here it is:



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