One Shot! A quick dose of science.

One shot is a series that’ll pop up from time to time. It’s basically just a quick sampling of what I’ve found surfin’ the webs lookin’ for science. Remember, I found these after only surfing for a few minutes. Keep digging and you’re bound to find tons of stuff you’ll enjoy!

1) Scientists have found a hole in space, via Phil Plait’s “Bad Astronomy” blog.

(insert hole in underwear joke here)

While observing a star-forming region of space, scientists found a region that should have been emitting some radiation, but was not. Sounds simple, but that means that there is really NOTHING there. Take a gander to have your understanding of the universe that much more confused.

2) How bad is the oil-spill? via Scientific American’s podcast, “60-second” science

60-second science is a really easy way to get caught up on the latest science news around the world. It’s 60-seconds, concise and informative. There is also a written transcript to accompany the audio. This time around they discuss the scale of the oil spill in the Gulf and relate it to other large spills around the world. It’s pretty frightening stuff.

3) New wound-healing technique using green laser light promises less scarring and better wound recovery (photochemical healing). via Scientific American

This new technique uses a combination of laser light and a pink substance applied to the wound to stimulate natural chemical bonds in tissues and nerves. The future is now!

4) N. Korea announces nuclear fusion success amidst skepticism. via BBC

Couldn't resist using one of these pics.

Just in time for the supreme leader’s bday, North Korea announces successful nuclear fusion! The world snickers.

5) Scientists to test ultrasound as male contraceptive. via BBC

Scientists tested this method first. Results pending.

Isn’t it about time more research went into male contraception? There’s no pill for us really, or a decent shot (I don’t think) and this technique sounds like the wave of the future. Imagine going in once every few months for a nice ultrasound blast to the boys? What a world we live in…


Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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