It bothers me when #1

“It bothers me when” posts will beshort little spurts of emotional fervor caused by things I encounter throughout my everyday life. Prepare yourself for bitching and moaning, but your bitching and moaning are welcome too. Bask in the fury.

It bothers me when websites have a list-style article (i.e. Top 7 forgotten sequels on and then have each item of the list on a different page you have to click through. I understand a smaller website is looking for page views to drive up ad-based revenue, but it’s really annoying and discontiguous to constantly have to refresh an article and wait for the page-load, and then be shot back to the top of the page again and again. It’s jarring, and it bothers me.

PS: The same thing applies to slide show photo-rolls. Don’t give me a nice little arrow button to click to see the next picture, then reload the whole damned page. It’s absurd. Any site with a nice embedded flash picture viewer really makes me feel, how shall I say, less bothered.

image source



~ by humanmoves on April 20, 2010.

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